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This week’s newsletter from Rachel Wallack includes a recipe for sauteed peppers with eggplant and potato.

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The first few weeks usually bring a lot of greens (think salads), so there is not a lot of freezing going on.  However, when the winter comes, you will wish that you had frozen some of the CSA’s summer and fall bounty!

A recently aired episode of Alton Brown’s Good Eats on the Food Network had lots of good tips about freezing, as well as “recipes” for freezing peaches and peas.  According to the website, this show will be airing again — at 2AM.  Set your DVR.  See

Mark Bittman also looked at some freezing techniques in the New York Times (though I’m not sure if this link will work):  If the link doesn’t work, the article, “Freeze That Thought” appeared on May 6, 2009.