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Unfortunately there was not enough interest across the CSA groups to justify deliveries from the River Garden so tomorrow’s flower share will be the only one for the season.  All payments will be refunded.  The River Garden will still sell bouquets at the Union Square Market on Saturdays.

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Some folks may be interested in getting flowers every 2 weeks instead of every week. Add a comment here if you are a Yorkville CSA member who would like to find a partner to alternate weeks on a flower share.

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Bernadette and Walt Kowalski of the River Garden are offering flower shares to interested members once agin this year.  For those of you who have not done this, please consider it.  The flower share is one of the items that really makes a positive impact on the lives of members.

2010 flower share application

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Flower shares from the River Garden start on week 5.  Anyone still interested is encouraged to download the order form and sign up.  This is one of the few ways to reliably improve your outlook on a sustained basis.

Bi-weekly shares have been added to the form and will be accepted at the Yorkville site, check with your site coordinator for specifics at the other locations.  Anyone ordering a bi-weekly share will pick up bouquets on either odd or even numbered weeks, once the orders come in the assignment will be made.

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We are very happy to partner this year once more with Bernadette and Walt Kowalski of The River Garden.  Last year the flowers were very beautiful and members with shares were the envy of the group.  Be good to yourself.  Order forms are available right here.