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Dear CSA Member,

This week starts our fall season.  The weather has been brutally hot again and so we don’t feel very fall like, but the garden moves at its’ own pace.  Most of the summer crops are now finished or will be finished in the next couple of weeks.  There will be a few more tomatoes and peppers, but they will have lost some of their peak glory. 

We are starting to pick the root crops and there will be freshly dug carrots for you this week. For anyone that has been a member in the past you will remember my fondness and awe of the carrot.  The carrot seed is small, very light and slow to germinate.  When they do finally grow, the fronds are very light and airy.  Hardly competition for the weeds that want to take over.  We need to weed constantly and most of the carrot weeding is done by hand.  Carrots are probably the most time consuming crop that we grow.  Not easy organically.  When we do start to dig them, the beautiful orange color and hearty roots are a prize.  I think there is nothing like the flavor of a fresh carrot. 

We have also started harvesting winter squash.  It is a wonderful harvest this season.  The hot dry weather has been kind to the plants and the winter squash is beautiful.  To give everyone a taste of fall we are sending Baby Bear Pie Pumpkins this week.  This is a small pie pumpkin that will look great as a decoration until you are tired of looking at it.  Then cook it up and make pumpkin bread or a pie.  What could be better.

This coming Saturday is the Farm Festival.  Jen has put together a great newsletter that you can download from the farm website.  If you are coming please make sure you bring your own place setting and a dish to share if you like.  There are other farms that will also be attending with their products.  You will find the full listing in the newsletter.  Heather Ridge Farm has great pastured meats and fresh eggs along with other products.  You can pre-order from Heather Ridge Farm if you would like by downloading the order form from our farm website on the newsletter listing as well.  Please contact Carol directly if you would like to pre-order.

So, welcome fall.

Enjoy the Vegetables.
Deborah, for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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Several members asked about coordinating rides to the farm for this Friday’s visit.  Feel free to post comments on this posting to communicate with one another.  For new people adding posts, there will be a delay until one of the moderators approves the comment.  It’s a security precaution to avoid spam.

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Friday, JULY 16, 2010 11-3


It has been brutally hot this week and it looks like the heat may be with us for a while.  Members are invited to come to the farm and give a hand.   Bring your own picnic lunch and plenty of water to drink.   You will be working in the soil so wear shoes and clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and a hat for the sun. [Don't forget sun screen.]

In case of a postponement due to the weather, noti?cation will be posted on the farm website under Upcoming Events. Directions to the farm can be found the website under “EMAIL & DIRECTIONS”.  If anyone has a question, they should just send an e-mail to

Travel Tips for Stoneledge Farm Visit
See the Stoneledge Farm web site, for directions, but also check out the tips below.  Stoneledge is about 120 miles north of the city.  There is not an easy way to get to the farm using public transportation.

Directions:   Allow 2-2 ½ hours to get there.  NYS Thruway to Exit 21, Catskill. NOTE: Stop at the Malden Rest Stop after Exit 20 (before Catskill Exit 21) to take advantage of more spacious rest rooms. After toll booth at Exit 21, go a short distance and make a right hand turn onto Rt. 23 B, not Rt. 23 A (unmarked at right turn, but sign for County road 23 B is short
distance down road). Follow Rt. 23 B for about 3.5 miles to South Cairo.  The South Cairo Country Store & gas station is on your left.  Make immediate ?rst right onto County Route 67 (not marked until you make the right turn).  Go over a small bridge and take ?rst right onto Garcia Lane (about 1/4 mile) and follow Garcia Lane all the way to the end—keep going on the dirt road to the two gray barns. You’re there!

If you use Mapquest, the address is 100 Garcia Lane, Leeds NY 12451  Use this zip code to check weather reports online for Friday.

Things to Do in Catskill: If you want to make a weekend of it, check out for events and more things to see in Greene County.  You can also go to, the I Love NY information site, for more ideas and places to stay.

Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival runs from July 15th through the 18th. This event grows larger and larger every year. For more information on camping, tickets, and artists who will be there, visit or call 1-888-946-8495. There is also a monthly ticket giveaway on Facebook,, or catch their tweets at This event is considered a who’s who of bluegrass music and offers a good time to all that attend. Located in Oak Hill approximately 10 minutes from Stoneledge Farm.

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9/11 Update
Hello everyone.  The farm trip is on for tomorrow.  Weatherman is calling for overcast skies for tomorrow but no rain.    I have heard it is raining in the city, but right now it is dry here.

We are getting all set up now for the farm visit and are looking forward to seeing everyone.  We will eat around 12 and have a walk around the fields 11:30 or so and again after eating.  Please bring your place setting and a dish to share.  We will have the pork and corn on the cob on the roaster.

The tractors are hooked up to the potato digger and carrot digger.  The other tractor has the hay wagon hooked for rides around the fields. Walt and Bernadette from the River Garden, Jim from Capital City Roasters, Jim Hyland from Winter Sun Farms, Dave Cammer from Bear Creek Maple will have flowers, coffee, winter share info and maple and honey on display.  All will also be available for members to purchase and take home as well.

Looking forward to the day.  Deb

Farm Visit

The Farm Visit is scheduled for September 12 from 11 – 3.   This will be the only remaining chance to come see the farm and meet the farmers during the 2009 season.

Take NYS Thruway to Exit 21, Catskill. After the tollbooth, go a short distance and make a right hand turn onto Rt. 23 B. Follow Rt. 23 B for about 3-4 miles until you come to the intersection of Rt. 23 B and County Route 67. Make a right and go over the bridge. Make your first right onto Garcia Lane ( about 1/4 mile) and follow Garcia Lane all the way to the end-keep going on the dirt road to the two gray barns. You’re there!

Arranging Transportation
Do you have a car and want passengers to help share expenses (or just want some company)?  Do you really want to see the farm but need a ride?  Would you rent a car if you could count on other members to chip in for the rental and gas?  Please add comments to this posting if you are looking for transportation or if you have a car and can take passengers.  In past years members have rented vehicles and shared expenses to travel up to the farm.

A note about adding comments.  The first time you add a comment it needs to be approved before it is actually posted.  This stops the website from devolving into a forum for ads and other automatically generated spam.  Once your comments are approved you will be able to make subsequent postings without needing further approvals.

Message from the Farm
Here is what Deb wrote in her Week 12 newsletter:

We continue to make plans for the Farm Visit, September 12 from 11-3.  I hope you will be able to make the trip to visit for the day.  Please bring a dish to share, your own place setting and take some time just to enjoy being at the farm, meeting other CSA members, and meeting all the people that grow your food.  The roaster will be stated early in the morning and we will have pork and sweet corn.  We re planning on digging some potatoes and carrots for members to pick up,  Walks around the fields to see how your vegetables are being raised and tractor rides on the wagon are planned.

Each year we invite other farmers that are involved with the CS or are local to participate as well.  This year Jim Hyland of Winter Sun Farms, Bernadette and Walt of The River Garden, Dave Cammer of Bearkill Maple products will be attending.


More Info on Lodging and Things To Do
We have some info for folks who are looking to spend a little more time upstate.    See our Greene County Resources page.