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We had another extreme summer and it seems that extreme may be our new norm.  Last year it was so cold and rainy we never had a tomato.  This year so hot and dry that we had tomatoes but other crops suffered.  The celeriac was a  casualty of the heat and drought.  The celeriac had an amazing 2009, perfect growing conditions.  This summer the cold and water loving plant could not stand the stress of the heat and drought.  We will certainly plant celeriac again next season.

This is  part of the small farm challenge that we face each year.  Each year we plant almost 50 different varieties of vegetables and herbs, tending to each with its own specific needs and the weather conditions that we have no control over.  We continue to search for varieties of plants to try and welcome member suggestions.  Celeriac is definitely on the list for 2011.

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This week’s newsletter includes a recipe for celeriac remoulade.

Carnegie Hill Week 22 Newsletter