Read This First

Are You New to our CSA or Interested in Joining?
Here is some basic information that you may find helpful.  The information below is based on the Yorkville location, some details may vary slightly from site to site.

Delivery Schedule
The vegetable delivery season runs for 24 weeks starting in June and ending in November.  Members are welcome to pickup the weekly selection between 4:00 – 7:00 PM.

How Much is in a Share?
A typical full vegetable share consists of 8-10 different items.  The weight of the share varies; the springtime crops are generally lighter than the summer crops.  From late summer on into fall, shares can weigh more than 12 pounds per week.  A single vegetarian who rarely goes out to eat is likely to go through a full share in a week without difficulty.  An overworked couple that doesn’t prepare too many meals and doesn’t typically have vegetables as a main course would be happy with a half share.

If you’d like to see sample weekly shares from seasons past, please click Annual Summary.

What Does it Cost?
A full vegetable share in 2011 is $505 and fruit is $225.

How Do I Haul This Stuff Home?
When possible, please remember to bring your own bags.  Reusuable bags are best, but plastic bags are (of course) just fine.  If you have a large collection of plastic bags at home,we are happy to take them, so that we have some extra bags when members need them.

One great way to get involved with the CSA, lend a hand, and meet some of your neighbors (hey, we don’t call it “community” for nothing!) is to volunteer. All sites welcome volunteers. For more information about volunteering, click Volunteer.

Other Farms & Products
Members are encouraged to support other local farms for additional products.  All partner groups are selected on the basis of a common interest in sustainable agricultural practices.  See the Farms page for a list of producers and delivery schedules.

Are You Interested in Joining Our CSA?
New memberships are offered on a first-come-first-served basis to people on the waiting list. For information about specific pricing, or to be added to the waiting list, please visit the Stoneledge Farm website.  Other groups in the neighborhood and around NYC may still have shares available, see the next question.

Who Are We?
This website is maintained by and for the Yorkville CSA. It is designed to be an interactive resource allowing members to communicate with one another. Other groups are welcome to use it as a resource. For additional information about other CSA groups on the Upper East Side, visit the Stoneledge Farm website.  Visit the Just Food website for a more comprehensive list of CSA groups in New York City.