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Here are some strategies for getting our veggies into lunchboxes:

–Just plain: Many kids are happy to munch on raw stringbeans, carrots, pepper strips, kohlrabi slices, cauliflower and broccoli florets. If your child needs a little something more decorative, try cutting with a French fry cutter (for the carrots) or a a small cookie cutter (the pepper strips). Or find a cute box or printed ziplock bag for packing.

–All mixed up: Combine several veggies and fruit slices, plus something crunchy like almonds or sunflower seeds. If the pieces are small, serve with a spoon.

–Dip them: Raw veggies can accompany a small container of peanut butter, cheese, guacamole, or tahini dip. There’s probably at least one dip that your child likes and using veggies as spoons is fun.

–Kabobbing: String several vegetables on a skewer—but polish off the sharp tip before you pack it (those tips are really sharp!)

–Wrap them: Saute, roast or broil vegetables and mix with rice or another grain. Make bite-size wraps with tortillas or other flatbreads. Wrap them securely to avoid mess

–Leafy wraps: Kale or collard leaves can take the place of bread.

–Voodles: Use a spiralizer to create long strings of noodles; add your child’s favorite sauce.

Any other ideas to share? Send them and I’ll include next week

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