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Here’s info on the vendors who will be visiting on October 27; we’ve included contact info. There will be sample products at the site on October 27, but if would like to order something from their websites, contact the vendor and ask for it. I (Lori) will be bringing the Heather Ridge products. I’ll pick them up on October 17, so if you want something from Heather Ridge, please order by then

Carousel Farm organic lavender products at affordable prices.  Lavender promotes calm and sleep, something we can all use more of.  Niko Christou will be at the site Tuesday, Oct. 27.  Carnegie Hill CSA members know just how good his candles, soaps, sachets and lotions are.  This will be his first Yorkville appearance.  View products at www.carouselfarmlavender.com, then email him with your order by Oct. 26, and he’ll bring it pre-bagged to save shipping charges.  Or you can buy products at the CSA site.  Carousel Farm is located in historic Bucks County PA, just outside New Hope.  It’s a nice day trip from NYC.
Email your order to Niko@carouselfarmlavender.com by Oct. 26 for delivery to our site on Oct. 27.  See website for product detail.     Pay by credit card, or check payable to Niko Christou.   Niko is bringing extra products for those unable to pre-order.  But pre-ordering ensures you can get the lavender items you want.

Heather Ridge Farm in Preston Hollow, New York, is a small grass-fed farm that raises beef, poultry, lambs, goats, and bees; they sell their products in their farm store and in their acclaimed Bees Knees Café (where they also serve vegetables from Stoneledge Farm. Owner Carol Clement says, ““We believe a grass-based farm is better for the animals, better for the farmers, better for the environment and better for the consumers. Our animals are treated humanely, some would say a tad pampered. Their time on this planet is brief, and their sacrifice total. Why not make it so they want for nothing?”

In addition to food products, Heather Ridge sells every part of the animals—sheepskins, wool made into socks and mittens, candles and soaps made from their beehives’ honey. They also carry a variety of crafts from local artisans, For more information, or to pre-order, see their website: http://heather-ridge-farm.com

Heather Ridge received a nice writeup in the New York Times a few years ago; see it here: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/21/travel/21bites-roundup.html?_r=0

Millennium Blend We’re all aware how important nutrition is in the prevention and treatment of disease, especially those where poor, overindulgent diets and food toxins are a factor.

What you may not know is that most of the protein shakes designed to support your health are as loaded with sugar, fats, chemicals and biologically inert “nutrients” as the diet you’re trying to improve.
Millenium Blend is shaking up the nutritional supplement industry with a line of high end nutritional products created by Dr. Nelson Stone, a cancer specialist from Mount Sinai. Our products include two different types of protein powder, Metabolic Formula for weight management and Fortifying Formula for a protein supplement, and the Detoxifying Formula to help cleanse your body of toxins.
From athletes in training, to post-surgical bariatric patients, to undernourished seniors, to the exhausted dieter sick of their yo-yo diet—Millenium Blend has a product for you.
Learn more at www.milleniumblend.com or email our CSA member Laura at lstone@milleniumblend.com

Premium Olive Oil/Balsamic Vinegar tasting at site Long-time Carnegie Hill CSA member Greg Bernarducci and his wife, Liz Weiss, are bringing several organic oils and vinegars from his store, O Live Brooklyn, for us to taste. It’s the next best thing to going to Park Slope for a store tasting.

View the extensive product list at http://olivebrooklyn.com/, and then email or call Greg directly at olivebrooklyn@gmail.com or 718-783-1680, so they can bring your order to the site Oct. 27.  We can also buy products at the site, though their web site has so much more than they can bring to us.  Greg delivers free to Eastside CSA members, ‘cause they live here, too!  We’ll work out a delivery site for future orders, because once you taste their fantastic products, you’ll want to continue ordering from them year-round!

Greg’s been on NPR’s Morning Edition, and featured in The New York Times, Time Out, New York Magazine, and New York Magazine’s Gift Guide.

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