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Week #4
Dear CSA Member
It has been a cool and very rainy June.  Complete opposite to the very dry and hot May.  It is hard to believe that July is nearly here and we are cold working outside.
With the rain and cool temperatures come beautiful greens.  Almost like growing in the  fall.  Natcha Escarole is a slightly bitter green that is excellent with white beans.   Lettuces are still abundant and glorious.   The Beet Greens are very nice and should be cut from the bulb and cooked as a green.
New this week is Cabbage.  Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage is an early, pointed cabbage variety that is also an Heirloom seed variety.  The Cabbage is sweet and makes delicious slaw.  An easy and delicious Cole Slaw recipe on the farm website Recipe section.  The Recipe collection can be found under The Farm tab.
Kohlrabi, Red Kolibri, is the bulb shaped vegetable with leaves at the top.  The leaves and the bulb are edible.  Kohlrabi can be used fresh or cooked.  The bulb tastes a bit like the stem of a broccoli and the beautiful purple-red color of the bulb is very attractive.
Marketplace items are available weekly.  Mushroom Share this week is Oyster Mushrooms.
PS 11 3rd Grade Students visited the farm in May.  We have received very nice thank you cards from the students.  One student wrote a poem that we have included on the Farm News on the farm website www.stoneledge.farm,
Enjoy the Harvest.
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm
Cabbage-1 head  Early Jersey Wakefield is a pointed, heirloom variety.
Kohlrabi-2  Red Kolibri
Thyme-1 bunch
Summer Squash-Mixed varieties-not sure how many per share.  Will need to send an update after picking.
Garlic Scapes-4
Natcha Escarole-1 head
Tropicana Lettuce-1 head
Cylindra Beets with Greens-1 bunch  The greens are still very nice.  Cut them from the bulb and cook as a green.
Romaine-1 head
Red Tide Lettuce-1 head
Mushroom Share-Oyster Mushrooms

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