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Here are some common sense rules for picking up and storing our veggie shares, which we follow throughout the season.

Monday CSA emails include Deb’s list of veggies we’re getting Tuesdays.  Set aside enough small plastic bags (we use left-overbags from the grocery store veggie section) for each green (lettuces, herbs, Swiss chard, etc.). Poke holes in bags, so moisture isn’t trapped inside once you get them home. The type of veggie also determines the size bag to bring.  Put them in your BYOB (bring your own bag) for Tuesday.

Tuesday at the site pick up heaviest veggies first.  They go in the bottom of your BYOB.  Light and fragile vegetables, including herbs, go on top. Greens go in your smaller perforated plastic bags.  Loose items in containers (cherry tomatoes, red currants) can be tipped into small plastic bags (leave containers at site), or take containers home covered w/plastic bag  and remember to return containers following week.

Tuesday night at home

Store greens in ‘fridge in perforated plastic bags.  Check daily for moisture buildup inside bags.  Simply turn bags inside out and replace greens in dry side of bag.

Store stemmed herbs in a glass of water, after first trimming ends.   Put perforated bag over herbs  and refrigerate.  Check for moisture buildup every few days.  Replace water, re-trim stems, and cover with dry side of plastic bag.  I’ve had dill, parsley, etc. last for more than 2 weeks.

Store lettuces in perforated plastic bags.  Recut stem and wrap bottom of lettuce with 1 square paper towel, to keep leaves dryer.  Check for moisture buildup, as for other greens.

Other veggies—Remove from BYOB and gently wipe off dirt and water.  Store dry in fridge.

Salad season starts Week #1 The first 2-3 weeks of the CSA season has become our favorite time, because it means salads for dinner!  Invest in a salad spinner or large cotton dish towels to dry lettuce leaves, etc.  Mizuna is wonderful with lettuce, adding a slightly spicy taste.

Keep on hand potatoes, organic frozen corn, avocados, and butter beans, to add to the salad.  (Dice potatoes, cook for 3-4 minutes in microwave oven until done, remove lid and add frozen corn.  The corn cools down the potatoes, and the potatoes warm up the corn.)

Make a large supply of salad dressing and store in a glass container in the ‘fridge.  Wisk minced garlic and Dijon mustard together in small bowl.  Drizzle in balsamic vinegar.  Slowly wisk in olive oil, until dressing thickens.  Add a teaspoon of water to thin, if very thick.  Add black pepper and any dried herb on hand.  Stoneledge sends us summer savory (tastes like a stronger version of thyme), which I dry.  Dried basil, oregano and thyme are also good.  I usually add a little of each.

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