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Dear CSA Member
We are now into the last weeks of the CSA season.  It has been unseasonably warm during the last week and it felt more like early summer than fall.  We will take the warm weather, though.  Picking and washing the root crops can be a really cold task when the weather is frosty.
This week Carrots, Potatoes, Turnips, Kohlrabi, Broccoli, Radishes, Winter Squash and the first Garlic.  We have been holding onto the garlic until the end of the season because the garlic needed a chance to cure and we knew it would store into the last weeks of delivery.  Over 1/3 of the garlic harvest has been divided into individual cloves for seed stock.  We will be planting the garlic soon and members are invited to come and help plant garlic. I will send out an e-mail when we get a bit closer to planting.  We have had to wait a bit this year to plant the garlic because the weather has been so warm.  We do not want to plant the garlic and have the cloves start to grow in the warmth.  They need to settle in and over winter without sprouting.
Did you know that Turnips can be eaten raw?  Peel, cut into sticks and  drizzle with olive oil. Give them a try.  It was amazing as we were washing the heavy turnips to see that turnips float. Turnips were also originally the vegetable carved for Halloween.  Some are so big that you might want to give them a try this Halloween.
This is the last of the lettuce.  We are expecting a frost this week and lettuce will not withstand the cold.  It has been a treat to have such delicious late season salads. If you wash the lettuce well and spin dry in a salad spinner the leaves will stay fresh.
I have posted a 2014 Stoneledge Farm crew photo on the farm Face Book page.  A wonderful hardworking and committed group we have the privilege to work with this last season.
Enjoy the wonderful fall harvest.
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm
Butternut Winter Squash-1
Lettuce-2 heads
Radish-1 bunch
Potatoes-2 pounds
Garlic-2 heads
Kohlrabi -1 bunch  This is the fall planting of Kohlrabi.  They are sweet and delicious.
Sage-1 bunch
Carrots-1 pound
Hot Peppers-Jalapenos-take if you like
Fruit Share
One bag with Empire Apples, Jona Gold Apples, Bosc Pears
Mushroom Share

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