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Dear CSA Member
Fall weather has been creeping in.  It was almost cold this morning.  We are bound to have warm days again, but the seasons are changing.  The sound of the insects is loud and constant.  The sun is shining brightly but just does not have the intensity that we felt during the last month.
The garden is also moving to a new season.  There will still be a few of the summer vegetables that we will pick until the patch is finished.  The fall vegetables are almost calling to us to be picked.  We have dug carrots this week and potatoes.  The root crops have been growing from early spring time and are now mature.  The carrots still have that delicious real carrot flavor but are a bit sweeter.  The cold weather gives many of the vegetables either a brighter color or slightly sweeter flavor.
There are a limited number of 1/2 bushel boxes of Green Beans available through the CSA Marketplace.  If you would like to freeze beans for the winter, this will be the last of the Green  Beans.  Green Beans will also be in the CSA share this week.
Enjoy the last of the summer vegetables as we move into fall.  Thank you to all that were able to visit on Saturday.  If you have photos that you would be willing to share, please send them to and I will post as many as I can on the farm Face Book page.

Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm.
This list is a good guess only.  I will need to send the complete and updated list after we finish the harvest.
Green Beans-1 pound
Orient Eggplant-2
Edamame-1 bunch.  Edamame are Soy Beans.  Pluck the pods from the stalk and rinse.  Steam the pods for 5 or so minutes.  Drain.  Sprinkle salt on the warm pods and pop the beans out of the pod.
Dill-1 bunch
Broccoli-2 heads
Red Onions-2
Cabbage-1 head  The cabbage is just beautiful.  It will keep in your refrigerator.  Great for making SAUERKRAUT In a MASON JAR or Cole Slaw.  Both can be found on the farm website Recipe section.
Potatoes-2 pounds
Peppers-  2
Habanero Hottttt Peppers-take them if you dare. Habaneros are a very hot pepper and caution is needed when preparing and eating.
Fruit Share-
1 bag Bartlett Pears,
1 bag Nectarines and
1 box Concord Grapes
Mushroom Share-Shiitake

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