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Dear CSA Member

Rain and more rain.  You will see the difference in the size of the greens that come to you with all the moisture.  Many of the same vegetables as last week we harvest for your shares.  There are three heads of different types of Lettuce this week.  The fresh lettuce is such a treat after the long winter.  I know lettuce is available every season from the grocery store, but we just picked this for you and I think you can taste the difference.

Things will be a bit muddier this week.  We have been struggling with the rain.  We do give everything a rinse but you will need to give the greens a good wash.  I find the best way is to cut the leaves from the stem, wash in a bowl of water, repeat.  There is nothing better than a salad spinner to finish the job.

Many members asked about adding a Mushroom Share.  This is the first time we have offered the Mushroom Share and so we thought a second signup for Mushroom Shares would be helpful.  The signup for the Mushroom Shares for those that would like to add a Mushroom Share is online. The Mushrooms will then start for this sign up on Week #3.  To add a Mushroom Share log into your CSA Member Account from the farm website home page, click on Member Login under the center photo.  Log in and then select CSA Shares on the upper left menu bar and then add the Mushroom Share.  If you have any questions, please send an e-mail and I will be back in touch.  Mushroom Shares will need to be ordered by Friday the 21st.

Marketplace orders are also added by logging into your account and then selecting Marketplace on the upper menu bar.  Honey, Coffee by the pound, Maple Syrup and Mushrooms in larger quantities are all available for order.  The Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms are from a smaller mushroom farm, The Hill Farm, Wiltbank family.  They are just beautiful.  You might like to try them from the Marketplace.

Enjoy the vegetables.


For everyone at Stoneledge Farm.


Boc Choi-1 head

Chinese Cabbage-1 head.  If you used the Chinese Cabbage last week in a stir fry, try slicing the Chinese Cabbage finely and use fresh as a Slaw.  There is a good Cole Slaw recipe on the farm website, Recipe section under Cabbage.

Red Sails Lettuce-1 head

Romaine Lettuce-1 head

Buttercrunch Lettuce-1 head

Mustard-1 bunch

Mizuna-1 bunch

Sorrell-1 bunch.  This is a lemony tasting, little bit sour green.  Use with Chicken.

Sage with Flowers-1 bunch  The whole thing is edible.

Garlic Scapes-6 scapes

Mushroom Shares-Portobello-The Mushroom Share this week is still for the members that originally signed up.  The New Mushroom Share members will start next week.

The Mushroom this week is Portobello.  The Bulich Mushroom farmers info: Portobellos are a large mushroom and the fresh picked Portobellos have the root end still attached.  It has some of the soil still attached the root.  Cut the root off and clean the mushroom.  If you are going to use them right away it is OK to rinse and then pat dry.  If you are not, brush the excess soil away and store in the paper bag.  Portobellos are very meaty and are great brushed with balsamic vinegar and grilled.  Remove the stem and slice.  The stem is a bit woodier and will not cook as quickly as the cap.  If you are grilling the cap it will only take a couple of minutes on each side.  Grill the smooth side first and finish with the gill side.

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