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Full Vegetable Share
Carnival Winter Squash – 1 – A colorful winter squash.  Split, remove the seeds and bake.  A pat of butter and bit of Stoneledge Farm honey or maple in the cavity is just delicious.

Edamame (soy beans) -1 bunch – Pluck the pods from the plant.  Steam, salt and pop the beans from the pod.

Green Fall Cabbage – 1 head

Broccoli – 1 head

Opal Basil – 1 bunch

Shallots – 2

Eggplant – 1

Red Ace Beets with Greens – 1 bunch – We wanted to pick this planting of beets while the greens are still in good condition.  Take the greens from the roots and use as a cooked green.

Fruit Share
Gala Apples and Bartlett Pears in one bag.  Gala Apples are a sweet eating apple.  Bartlett Pears will ripen to a yellow skin but can also be used green.  Do not allow them to over ripen or the center will be brown.

Plums in a bag

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