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Full Vegetable Share
Tomatoes – 2 pounds

Butternut Winter Squash – 1 - The first of the Winter Squash.  Just delicious.

Broccoli – 3 heads - wow, what a harvest. The broccoli this season is just spectacular.  Peter worked tirelessly during the drought to keep the transplants watered and growing.  It has really paid off.  Too much broccoli for one week?  Just steam and pop the extra in a zip lock bag and into the freezer.  It will be delicious this winter.

Basil – 1 bunch – The second planting is now ready for harvest.

Shallots – 2

Peppers – 3

Beets-Gold – 2 pounds

Okra – take it if you like

Hot Peppers – take if you like
Fruit Share – 1 bag of each
Peaches – this is the end of the Peaches.  At the end of the season they may be better for cooking.  Peaches also make a great sauce and can easily be frozen.

Donut Peaches – a surprise picking


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