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Full Vegetable Share
Tomatoes – 2 pounds

Cherry Tomatoes – 1 basket

Boothby Blonde Cucumbers – 2 – A sweet short, chunky heirloom cucumber.  The seeds are always large but the cucumber is very crunchy.

Orient Eggplant – 2

Opal Basil – 1 bunch – A beautiful purple basil.  Infused in a mild, white vinegar, the color and flavor are spectacular.

Purple Peppers – 2

Walla Walla Onions – 2

Green Beans – 1 pound

Bright Lights Swiss Chard – 1 bunch

Tomatillos – 1 pound

Fruit Share
Peaches – 1 bag – The peaches have a bit of hail damage.  The Fix Brothers have lost a good portion of their fruit harvest this season but were able to pick this delivery of peaches.  Farming is not for the faint of heart or spirit.

Nectarines – 1 bag

Donut Peaches – 1 box – A favorite.  Flattened little peaches that look like a donut.  So sweet.

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