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Dear CSA Member

The sounds outside are changing and, although the calendar says it is summer, we can already hear that the insects know that the seasons are rolling along.  There is a constant chirp in the air and it is so constant that you do not notice the sound unless you stop and listen.  I’m not sure what insect it is, but it is the sound of late summer.

The heavy rains that come with intense heat have been pounding the farm during the last week.  It has been so dry that the rain is rather quickly drawn into the soil but with such downpours it makes for some muddy going.  The creek has been very low and now is flowing  quickly.  The summer vegetables have been soaking up the sun and probably also the intermittent rains.  The flavors are intense this year as they seem to be in a dry, hot season.  Tomatoes, onions, peppers and basil.  Could it be any better?

We are working on plans for the Farm Festival to be held on September 8 for all CSA members.  Heather Ridge Farm, farmer our friend Carol Clement, will once again have a display with items for sale from her farm.  Long time friends and CSA members Bonnie and Lori will be manning the Heather Ridge Farm booth for Carol.  Heather Ridge Farm is a pasture based livestock farm.  At the last Farm Festival there were a number of CSA members that were discussing yarns, knitting, and spinning. Carol will have a beautiful supply of locally raised and spun yarns as well as socks from her own alpaca fibers.

If you have suggestions of what you would like to see included at the Farm Festival, please send me your ideas at  We will be concentrating on the vegetable production at our farm and our farming practices.  If there is something you would be especially interested in hearing about, seeing or participating in, we would like to hear from you.  Peter is planning on digging carrots for members to pick up and take home.  There is nothing like getting your hands in the soil to pull out a beautiful orange carrot. We will have a pork roast, corn on the cob, fresh fruit, walks around the fields and tractor pulled wagon rides as well.  We ask members to bring a dish to share along with your own place setting.  Mark your calendars, load up the family and come to the farm for the day.

New photos that are posted each Sunday on the farm Face Book page  I make a circle around the fields and catch a glimpse of our week.

Enjoy the Vegetables
Deborah, for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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