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Full Vegetable Share
Summer Squash – 1 pound

Radicchio – 1 head

Chiogga Beets – 1 bunch

Wakefield Cabbage – 1 head

Lemon Basil – 1 bunch  A fragrant, lemon scented, small leaf basil.  The small leaved specialty basil varieties all flower very early.  Pick off the flower heads and eat if you would like or use as a garnish. The leaves can be used as you would green basil but with a lemony twist.

Scallions – 1 bunch

Sage – 1 bunch

Eggplant – 1

Bright  Lights Swiss Chard – 1 bunch

Fruit Share
Blueberries-1 basket.  This is the last week for blueberries.  Local, No spray.

Peaches-1 basket. Local

Nectarines-1 bag.  Local

We make a best guess attempt at the share for the upcoming week.  There may be changes as we start to pick and the updates will be sent to the CSA Coordinators the night before your pickup.

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