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MacIntosh Apples: Eco Certified  An old fashioned favorite dating back to the 1800’s. The Snow Apple, is believed to be a parent of the MacIntosh.   MacIntosh, or Mac, is a versatile all purpose eating and cooking apple.  Make beautiful applesauce by coring and cooking the Mac with the skin on.  Put through a food mill or mash with a Potato Masher by hand and remove the skin after mashing for a chunky sauce.  The skin will impart a beautiful rosy pink color to the sauce.  Great for fresh eating as well.
Gala Apple-This is one of my favorites for fresh eating. It is heart-shaped with distinctive yellow-orange skin with red striping, a very sweet and crispy eating apple.  The sweetness is great in salads like, Waldorf Salad.  The recipe for Waldorf Salad can be found on the farm website, Recipes.
Cortland Apples-Cortland has very white flesh and is an excellent dessert apple. The Cortland was developed in 1898.  Its flavor is sweet and it has a flush of crimson against a pale yellow background.  The skin seems to be sprinkled.  This is a wonderful apple to stuff and bake or to make fresh applesauce.  Leave the skin on when making sauce with Cortlands as well and the sauce will be just beautiful.  There is a recipe for Open Apple Cake on the farm website that works very well with Cortland Apples.
Green Clapp Pears-Clapp Pears have a sweet, fine- grained white flesh and fantastic flavor with a red blushed greenish-yellow skin. They are great for eating, salads or in cooking. The Green Clapp Pear is very delicate and has very white flesh, a high sugar content, and plenty of juice. The skin is somewhat thinner than the Red Clapp Pear.  Use the Green Clapp Pear when still slightly green.
Concord Grapes-So many heirlooms this week.  The Concord Grape was developed in 1849.   The skin of a Concord grape is dark blue and often is covered with a lighter colored “bloom” which can be rubbed off. It is a slip-skin variety, which means that the skin is easily separated from the fruit. Concord grapes have large seeds and are highly aromatic.  There is a certain skill in eating Concord grapes if you don’t mind swallowing the seeds.  Pop them in your mouth, the skin will come off the grape and you can just swallow them both whole.  If you bite into the grape, you will encounter the large seeds.  The aroma and flavor of the Concord Grape are intense.
1 bag MacIntosh Apples
1 bag Clapp Pears
1 bag Gala and Cortland Apples
1 box Concord Grapes

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