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Dear CSA Member
It has been almost a full month now since Irene impacted the farm and CSA and in the time since, we have been busy getting the farm ready for 2012.  Most of the fields are disced and seeded with a cover crop for the winter.  All of our buildings and equipment seem to have weathered the impact and seem to be waiting for 2012 as well.  Although cleanup continues, we have tried to establish an order that has been helping through the process.
Through all of the water, trees falling, chaos, the bees and the beehives have stood, almost without notice of what was going on all around them.  The power and also the resilience of nature is amazing.
The orchards are boasting some of the best tasting tree fruit in years.  The apples are sweet and pears simply delicious.  Most of what is now available locally will be apples and pears and we will work to find a good variety for the Fruit Share.  We were fortunate to be able to find MacIntosh Apples that are certified Eco Raised, beautiful Gala, Cortland and Clapp Pears and even Concord Grapes.
We have added more Apple recipes to the farm website and will be searching out recipes for Pears for next week.  If you have any suggestions, please send them along and we will add them to the website.
Market Place orders are still being taken from all CSA members for Honey, Maple, all kinds of Coffee, our own Dill Pickles, Salsa and Tomato Sauce.  If you would like to order. go to the farm website, click on CSA Locations and enter your username and password to log in.  If you have forgotten either, just send an e-mail to and we will get right back to you with the information. The order will be delivered with the Fruit Share delivery.
Take Care
for Pete Sr., Peter Jr. and Arliss-Stoneledge Farm

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MacIntosh Apples: Eco Certified  An old fashioned favorite dating back to the 1800’s. The Snow Apple, is believed to be a parent of the MacIntosh.   MacIntosh, or Mac, is a versatile all purpose eating and cooking apple.  Make beautiful applesauce by coring and cooking the Mac with the skin on.  Put through a food mill or mash with a Potato Masher by hand and remove the skin after mashing for a chunky sauce.  The skin will impart a beautiful rosy pink color to the sauce.  Great for fresh eating as well.
Gala Apple-This is one of my favorites for fresh eating. It is heart-shaped with distinctive yellow-orange skin with red striping, a very sweet and crispy eating apple.  The sweetness is great in salads like, Waldorf Salad.  The recipe for Waldorf Salad can be found on the farm website, Recipes.
Cortland Apples-Cortland has very white flesh and is an excellent dessert apple. The Cortland was developed in 1898.  Its flavor is sweet and it has a flush of crimson against a pale yellow background.  The skin seems to be sprinkled.  This is a wonderful apple to stuff and bake or to make fresh applesauce.  Leave the skin on when making sauce with Cortlands as well and the sauce will be just beautiful.  There is a recipe for Open Apple Cake on the farm website that works very well with Cortland Apples.
Green Clapp Pears-Clapp Pears have a sweet, fine- grained white flesh and fantastic flavor with a red blushed greenish-yellow skin. They are great for eating, salads or in cooking. The Green Clapp Pear is very delicate and has very white flesh, a high sugar content, and plenty of juice. The skin is somewhat thinner than the Red Clapp Pear.  Use the Green Clapp Pear when still slightly green.
Concord Grapes-So many heirlooms this week.  The Concord Grape was developed in 1849.   The skin of a Concord grape is dark blue and often is covered with a lighter colored “bloom” which can be rubbed off. It is a slip-skin variety, which means that the skin is easily separated from the fruit. Concord grapes have large seeds and are highly aromatic.  There is a certain skill in eating Concord grapes if you don’t mind swallowing the seeds.  Pop them in your mouth, the skin will come off the grape and you can just swallow them both whole.  If you bite into the grape, you will encounter the large seeds.  The aroma and flavor of the Concord Grape are intense.
1 bag MacIntosh Apples
1 bag Clapp Pears
1 bag Gala and Cortland Apples
1 box Concord Grapes

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On September 25, 2011, participating New York City restaurants will give up to 10% of their sales to Just Food and GrowNYC to benefit NY area farmers hard hit by the hurricane.

You can find a participating restaurant and make reservations here:

If you want 100% of your donation to go to worthy farms, you can go directly to Just Food and allocate your donation to Hurricane Relief.

And if you want to make sure 100% of your donation goes directly to Stoneledge Farm, you can always send a check directly to Deb.

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Dear CSA Member
After such difficult and trying times we are so happy to be able to deliver fruit to members with a Fruit Share this next week.  The deliveries will be every other week and the amount will be double the standard share.  We will try to find a good variety of fruit for you each week.  The fruit farms we work with are located on the other side of the Hudson River from our farm and did not receive any of the flooding and ruin of our county.  They had rain, but came out with their harvest intact.
Market Place orders can be placed online at the farm website and we will deliver those orders with the Fruit Shares every other week.  We just received Tomato Sauce and Salsa that we had produced during the peak tomato harvest this summer. We have been working with Jim Hyland of Winter Sun Farm and Farm to Table Co Packers.  Jim has established a new processing facility near by the farm in Kingston NY.  The Salsa and Tomato Sauce are available through the Market Place along with Dill Pickles, Coffee, Honey and Maple Syrup.  You do need to log into your account so if you are having any trouble, please send me an e-mail and I will send your log in information to you.
We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all of the CSA members.   We know how difficult it is for members not to receive any more Vegetable Shares after the flood and it has been devastating for us. The decisions we needed to make always had the CSA member in the forefront.  Without the support of the CSA and the financial structure that the CSA membership secures for the farm, we do not think our farm would have been able to survive the loss of the harvest at such a critical time of the season.  Because of CSA and the members, we are looking ahead to next season.  Thank you.
Deborah for
Pete Sr., Peter Jr., and Arliss
Stoneledge Farm

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Barlett Pears – These are usually green but will ripen to yellow.  Sweet with a slightly grainy skin.  Excellent fresh eating or cooked. Can be eaten green or let ripen to yellow.

Seckle Pears – Small, firm, sweet pears.  Good for eating fresh

Red Clapp – The last of the Clapp pears.  Use when still slightly firm.


Yellow Peaches
Fortune Plums – Best for fresh eating.  Can be used for cooking.