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Dear CSA Member

We finally had rain and the ground softened enough so we could finish the garlic harvest.  We worked all day and pulled the bulbs from the earth, crated and then hung the bulbs to dry until cured in the barn.  The harvest looks wonderful.

Garlic is one of the favorites of CSA members and also farmers.  We harvest the heads in July, hang to cure.  When the heads are dry we separate the heads into bulbs and plant the bulbs in October.  The garlic bulb stays in the garden until the next spring time when first the garlic leaves and then the Garlic Scapes emerge.  Some of the first greens of spring time and the scapes are a treat after the long winter without fresh vegetables.  We tend the rows of tall garlic leaves until we are ready to once again pull the bulbs and start the process all over.

We save about 1/3 of our harvest for seed stock for planting in the fall.  Each head has 5 or so bulbs and each bulb will produce a head the next summer.

We have been adding products to the Market Place at the farm website slowly but surely.  Along with the Coffee, Honey and Maple Syrup, our first batch of Dill Pickles are ready and can be purchased online from the Market Place.  We are working with Jim Hyland of Winter Sun Farms, the Winter CSA share, and his partner business Farm to Table Co-Packers.  We grow the vegetables and Jim and his crew process them.  We plan on offering more products as the season goes on and I will let you know as they are available.

It seems a little early, but time goes so quickly and I wanted to mention that the Farm Festival is scheduled for September 10 from 11-3.  It is great fun and a great way to visit the farm, meet a lot of great CSA members and all of us at Stoneledge Farm.  Please make a note on your calendar and hope you can make it.

Enjoy the Vegetables
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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