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Dear CSA Member,

Mother nature will be dictating our share this week.  The extreme weather that is coming our way has us scrambling.  The crops that would be damaged by the heavy rain and wind will be what we pick for this weeks’ delivery. We are calling all of our friends and neighbors to help with the harvest.

If the storm follows the path that they predict, we may have flooding in our fields.  The blessing of the creek for irrigation and sandy loam soil is also a huge challenge when severe rain moves in.  Some of the plants will withstand the water rising and then falling, some would be damaged.

Peppers will fill your share this week because in high water and wind, they fall from the plant and are ruined.  Peppers are very easy to freeze if you can’t use them all this week.  To freeze, wash, cut in pieces and put in a zip lock freezer bag.  Pop in the freezer and use as you need during the cold winter months.

We will be picking Cherry Tomatoes-they don’t stand a chance in the wind and rain.  A favorite with everyone and we hope that they survive another week.

Deborah, for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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