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Dear CSA Member

The middle of summer and the tomatoes are starting to ripen.  There are different varieties that will be coming your way as we go through the season.  The first ones are the small salad type that ripen first. They are solid and firm.  We are trying a new variety this season that was developed by Johnnys’ Select Seeds to be Late Blight resistant. In 2009 most of NY state farms, organic and conventional, lost their tomato crops to Late Blight.  Since that devastating year, we are on guard and willing to give a new variety a try if it proclaims that it is resistant to the Blight.  Hopefully we will not be put in the position to see it in action.  Not this season with the ample sunshine and dry weather.  Better safe than sorry, though.

Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes, small orange deliciously sweet, are a favorite and they also are some of the first tomatoes to ripen.  We will try to keep up with them as they fill the vines each week.  Just like a bite of summer.  They probably don’t make it home from the CSA pickup.

There will be orange tomatoes that are an heirloom variety, large round red tomatoes, plum tomatoes.  Each week we harvest the tomato patch and fill the crates for the CSA sites from the baskets as they come into the packing barn.  There is no telling which varieties will be delivered to which CSA site.  All delicious and the season comes and goes so quickly.  Enjoy them while the sun shines.

Upcoming Events:
Farm Festival Saturday September 10, 11-3.  Many CSA sites coordinate rides to the farm.  Check with your CSA coordinators.  The day is a big celebration.  Members are asked to bring a side dish to share and their own place settings.  The farm will have local pork on the grill, sweet corn, fresh fruit.  There will be water and also coffee.  We have tractor rides around the fields, walks around the fields to see what is growing, plenty of time to take a walk to the creek and see if the Bald Eagles will swoop by.
Mark the day on your calendar.

Enjoy the Vegetables
for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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