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Dear CSA Member,

THIS WEEK IS COFFEE SHARE DELIVERY.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PICK UP YOUR COFFEE SHARE IF YOU HAVE A COFFEE SHARE!  If you do not have a Coffee Share and would like to order Coffee by the pound, please go to the farm website, download the order form and mail it to the farm with payment.

This week and next remain and our 2010 season will come to a close.  We have been sorting, weighing and crating every last vegetable that we have in storage to deliver everything over the next two weeks.  The days have been cold and rainy.  The root crop harvest is nearly complete with only a couple rows of carrots remaining.  When the soil dries out a bit we will finish.  The fall greens love this weather and will remain in the fields until we pick them for your share.  The cold only makes them better.

Members often ask what we do over the winter months. We really never stop for long although our days and weeks are not as scheduled as they are when we are making your CSA deliveries.   December is filled with getting our barns, storage areas and equipment cleaned, organized and winterized for the winter.  We also plan all of our seeding and order seeds, fertilizer, potting soil during this time.  December flies by.

Pete and I are planning on traveling to Guatemala and Honduras to visit the coffee cooperative member farmers that we work with through Farmer to Farmer during January.  I hope we will be able to import the Cloud Forest Coffee Beans from Honduras this next season as well as the Guatemalan Organic Shade Coffee Beans from the Women’s Cooperative that works with the UPC Coffee Cooperative.  It will be a great thrill to be able to visit the vivero that was built with the donation the farm made last year.  Your coffee purchases at work.  Peter and Arliss have been working building a new greenhouse and will continue on the building over the winter.  They also have to keep the snow removed from all of our greenhouses, barns and houses.  That can take weeks depending on what Mother Nature provides.

February rolls around, and we are back in the greenhouse seeding.  We often are itching to get back to working with plants by February and welcome the time working together seeding our transplants.  And then here we go again without a moment to look back.

The 2011 registration will be opening very soon.  We are waiting for a few more programming pieces to be completed.  When we are ready to open the online registration your site coordinators will send an e-mail to you with the information you will need to log on and register for your share.

Just a note-there are only 1 pound jars of honey remaining.  A new harvest of honey and maple will be coming in 2011.

Enjoy the Vegetables-
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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