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Dear CSA Member,

This week the member news is about the coffee that we have available for members to purchase through our Farmer to Farmer Coffee Share Project.  We just received an update from the UPC Coffee Cooperative and a very nice presentation that they put together for the CSA members. Each year our coffee sale profits are donated to the UPC Cooperative in Guatemala. The cooperative is a group of farmers from the Western Highlands of Guatemala that has a sub group within the cooperative of women coffee growers.  We purchased the Women’s Cooperative coffee for this years share.  It is grown by women, harvested by women and organic.

Last year the donation from Coffee Share sales was used by the UPC Cooperative to fund agricultural education and certificate for women growers.  The donation was also used to establish a vivero or shade tree nursery for the cooperative.   Just think, your choice in a delicious cup of coffee that can be so far reaching and positive.

Pete and I are planning to travel to Honduras with Farmer to Farmer this winter to visit coffee growers there before heading to Guatemala to visit the members of the UPC Cooperative.  In Honduras the farmers that work with Farmer to Farmer are growing cloud forest coffee.  Next season we hope to be able to import Honduran and Guatemalan coffee.  Our coffee roasters Jimmy and Diamond are already planning a blend of the two coffees.

If you are a Coffee Share member this season, thanks, and we will let you know how the donation will be utilized by the cooperative after we visit in January.   To increase our donation to the cooperative we would like to sell more coffee.  If you are not a member and would like to help out and also get the best tasting coffee as well, please go to the farm website, www.stoneledgefarmny.org,  click on the  Coffee Share listing on the left side bar to get to the information about the coffee, the farm donation and also the order form.

At the farm we are now sloshing through all of the rain that we waited for all summer.  It fell over a two day time period.  I think the Kale and Collards are just drinking it up.  In addition to the great fall crops there will be one more week of tomatoes.  Who would have thought after such a disastrous season in 2009.  The tomatoes you receive will be green.  I just went on line to see what kind of recipes are out there for green tomatoes.  There are many fried green tomato recipes, recipes for relish, and even pie.  I’m sure you will be able to find a recipe to suit your taste. The green tomatoes will also ripen if you just leave them so that is another option.  Do not put them in the refrigerator to ripen.

So, something like the slogan says, eat locally and drink globally.  Enjoy the vegetables-
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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