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Dear CSA Member,

We held our annual Farm Festival this past weekend and it was just a beautiful day filled with a lot of sunshine, so many members, great conversation, food and visiting the farm.  We are already thinking about next years visit and if you have any ideas, we would like to hear them.

This week there will be the first harvest of potatoes.  Fresh vegetables have flavor that just can not be matched and even the root vegetables are more delicious when freshly dug.

Delicata Winter Squash is the variety of squash you will be receiving this week.  Some people call it Sweet Potato Squash.  It is a tender skin winter squash that will cook much more quickly than the tougher skinned varieties such as Butternut and Acorn.  To cook a Delicata wash the skin, prick a couple of holes with a fork and put the entire squash in the oven or the microwave.  When soft to the touch it is done.  Slice open, remove the seeds and enjoy.

Thanks to all that made the trip to the farm.  It is a real pleasure for us getting to meet members.

For everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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