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Dear CSA Member,

This week starts our fall season.  The weather has been brutally hot again and so we don’t feel very fall like, but the garden moves at its’ own pace.  Most of the summer crops are now finished or will be finished in the next couple of weeks.  There will be a few more tomatoes and peppers, but they will have lost some of their peak glory. 

We are starting to pick the root crops and there will be freshly dug carrots for you this week. For anyone that has been a member in the past you will remember my fondness and awe of the carrot.  The carrot seed is small, very light and slow to germinate.  When they do finally grow, the fronds are very light and airy.  Hardly competition for the weeds that want to take over.  We need to weed constantly and most of the carrot weeding is done by hand.  Carrots are probably the most time consuming crop that we grow.  Not easy organically.  When we do start to dig them, the beautiful orange color and hearty roots are a prize.  I think there is nothing like the flavor of a fresh carrot. 

We have also started harvesting winter squash.  It is a wonderful harvest this season.  The hot dry weather has been kind to the plants and the winter squash is beautiful.  To give everyone a taste of fall we are sending Baby Bear Pie Pumpkins this week.  This is a small pie pumpkin that will look great as a decoration until you are tired of looking at it.  Then cook it up and make pumpkin bread or a pie.  What could be better.

This coming Saturday is the Farm Festival.  Jen has put together a great newsletter that you can download from the farm website.  If you are coming please make sure you bring your own place setting and a dish to share if you like.  There are other farms that will also be attending with their products.  You will find the full listing in the newsletter.  Heather Ridge Farm has great pastured meats and fresh eggs along with other products.  You can pre-order from Heather Ridge Farm if you would like by downloading the order form from our farm website on the newsletter listing as well.  Please contact Carol directly if you would like to pre-order.

So, welcome fall.

Enjoy the Vegetables.
Deborah, for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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