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Dear CSA Member,

I have been  a bit reluctant to express our complete joy with the tomatoes this season-just in case. My grandmother instilled a healthy dose of superstition at an early age that follows to this day.  There was no way I was going to jinx the harvest.  Now that we are actually filling baskets with tomatoes, it is time.   The tomatoes will be coming on stronger and stronger as they ripen in the hot summer sun.  There are a variety of tomatoes that will come your way in no particular time or fashion.  We pick the patch, weigh and crate the tomatoes making sure that each CSA location gets their share.  Some varieties are heirlooms, some hybrid, some open pollinated, all delicious.

Flora Lee – long paste tomato with green shoulders
Gilbertie – long paste tomato with green shoulders thinner than the Flora Lee
San Marzano – paste tomato, elongated
Pomodoro – large, meaty, heart shaped with a ribbed top and round bottom
Pony Express – the smaller saladette type with a elongated shape but smaller than the other elongated varieties
Sunkist – round, yellow tomato
Pargon – large, red slicer
BHN-826 – large, red slicer
And three Cherry Tomatoes:
Sun Gold – our favorite gold, round and sweet
Gold Nugget – we tried this for the first time this year, oval, yellow
Washington Cherry – new as well.  Large, red

I have updated the book list on the farm web site click on Recipes, Resources and Reading.  There are cook books that celebrate the seasonal harvest, two that only deal with tomatoes.  Two of the cook books are written by CSA members: Recipes from America’s Small Farms and The Whole Truth.

So, celebrate the tomato.  Finally a summer that feels and tastes like summer.

Enjoy the Vegetables-Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

Heidi on August 2nd, 2010 at 12:11 pm #

The tomatoes from last week were so delicious. My boyfriend and I commented on how flavorful they were. Looking forward to seeing and tasting all of the varieties!

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