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Full Share
Cucumbers – 2 each

Summer Squash – 1 pound

Hot Peppers – take 2 if you would like

Sweet Peppers – 3

Basil – 1 bunch – Walking around the garden I thought we had really over done it with Thai Basil.  When the basil was harvested we noticed the aroma of cinnamon and remembered that we had planted both Thai Basil and Cinnamon Basil.  They look very much alike except that the Thai Basil has green stems and the Cinnamon Basil has purple stems.  They are all mixed up in the crates so if you have a preference, look at the stems.

Walla Walla Onions – 2

Slicing Tomatoes – 3 pounds

Cherry Tomatoes – 1 basket

Bright Lights Swiss Chard – 1 bunch

Tomatillos – 1 pound

Fruit Share
1 bag of Clapp Pears and Peaches together
1 basket of Apricots

Anna Hall on August 15th, 2010 at 7:00 pm #

Just to say thank you for the most delicious vegetables last week. We have been away for a while and coming back to those veggies made our return to NYC a bit easier. The cherry tomatoes didn’t make it home from pick-up- I popped them all the way home! The rest of the veggies, including the basil, were made into a ratatouille with some cut up sausage to give it some heft. We ate it over rice- yum. The fruit is so delicious and our kids just eat it right up. Thank you for one of the highlights of our summer- the food tastes the way I remember it as a kid (as opposed to the year-round variety of veggies in the super market-all style no substance) and such a treat for us and our kids to eat. Looking forward to Fall treats but savoring summer delights! Sorry to be missing the farm visit but we’re away0 enjoy!

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