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Dear CSA Member,

Summer vegetables are at their best flavor and fill your share.  The tomatoes continue to ripen, the peppers are sweet and the basil makes the perfect addition.  Jen has just finished the Stoneledge Farm Summer Newsletter that highlights all of the different tomatoes that we grew this year.

There are a couple of different varieties of sweet peppers that will be coming your way over the season.  Two are heirloom varieties: Lipstick (small, pointed, sweet) and the Hungary Round (short, flat and shamrock shaped when cut cross wise).  There are also the long time favorites: Liliac (purple), Biscayne (long yellow), Diablo (long, green). 

The Edamame is also finally filled out and that will be in your share.  Just pluck the soy beans from the stem, rinse, steam for 3-5 minutes, salt if you like.  Pop the seeds from the pod and enjoy.

We have a farm work visit planned for August 21.  Please mark your calendar if you plan on attending. 

This week is also Coffee Share delivery week.  I just got word that work on the vivero at the women’s coffee cooperative in Guatemala has begun.  Proceeds from coffee sales last season funded the vivero or tree nursery that the women’s cooperative badly needed.

What a beautiful summer share.  Enjoy.
Deborah, for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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