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Thank you for all of your comments about the vegetables and fruit this season.  It has certainly been a very hot and dry year-the complete opposite of last season.  The taste of the bulky vegetables like the cukes, summer squash, tomatoes and peppers always seems better to me in the really hot, dry seasons.  It seems that the sunshine enhances the vegetable flavors.  They do tend to spoil a bit more rapidly, maybe again, they are so packed with flavor that they just can’t stand it. The greens just don’t do as well.  They like the cold and rain. This week there is Summer Spinach which is such a hearty green being able to produce even in the middle of summer.

Looking ahead to the fruit varieties that may come your way in the Fruit Share also depends on what the orchards that we work with are able to harvest.  This week we took all of the Red Clapp pear harvest.  They were just coming into the yard with the totes of pears when we arrived to pick them up. Can not get much fresher than that.

This is a really good Peach season and I will see if the Apricots are ripening.  We are  hoping to possibly have Black berries for your shares but we will see with the heat and drought.  It takes a toll on berries.  We don’t send Red Raspberries any longer because they do not hold long enough for us to pick them one afternoon and have members pick them up the next.

Again, thanks.  This time of year we are pushing ourselves one day to the next and it is good to hear positive feedback from members.  Deborah

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