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Dear CSA Member,

This is the time of year when we are harvesting every last summer vegetable from the field.  The weather is still warm, but most of the summer crops have been producing for so long.  There will be bits of this and that as we clean the fields of the remainders of a wonderful summer harvest.  We don’t waste a thing.

You will see that some of the tomatoes are getting really ripe and will not hold as long as they had been.  You can easily freeze them for use in cooking this winter by washing, slicing and putting them in zip lock freezer bags.  That is it.  So easy and they will taste like summer when you take them from your freezer to use.  If you go to the farm website and look at the Photos section you will see that we are very proud and so happy to have such a great tomato harvest.  I think we each took a turn posing with a tomato. 

The Farm Festival is fast approaching, September 11 from 11-3.  Jen has done a fabulous job on the Farm Festival Newsletter and you can find it on the farm website under the Newsletter listing.  If you are planning on attending please bring a dish to share, your own place setting and be ready for a great day at the farm.  There will be other local farmers and producers that are involved with the farm there as well.  The complete listing of those that will also have their products at the Farm Festival can be found in the Newsletter.  There is also a downloadable PDF order form for members that will be attending to order pastured meat and eggs from Heather Ridge Farm, our neighbors.  Please contact Heather Ridge directly if you would like to pre-order.

Enjoy the Vegetables-
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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Full Vegetable Share
Eggplant – 1 – this is the last picking of eggplant
Summer Spinach – 1 bunch
Summer Squash – 1 pound
Peppers – 3
Hot Peppers – 2 – if you like – these are Serrano Peppers-not quite as hot as the Jalapenos this year
Cherry Tomatoes – 1 basket
Opal Basil – 1 bunch – can be used like green basil but it also makes a beautiful flavored vinegar.  Put a bunch in a bottle with a mild, clear vinegar.  Let steep a couple of days and then remove the leaves.  The vinegar will turn a bright purple color and the vinegar will be flavored with basil.
Summer Savory – 1 bunch
Tomatoes – 3 pounds
Onions – 2

Fruit Share
Donut Peaches
Bartlett Pears

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A member wrote the following to Deb:

I signed up for a CSA share this year and I just wanted to tell you that I love it. The quality of veggies and fruits is so consistently superior that I quite wish I had known of it earlier. Nevertheless, I am happy to be finally part of it. J
I write a food blog at Fork Spoon Knife ( and inspired by the CSA baskets I have created a Farm to Table series of recipes featuring the fresh weekly produce. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did the produce..

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This week’s newsletter includes recipes for Vegetable Pot Pie and Zucchini with Sweet Pepper Pancakes.

Carnegie Hill Newsletter 12

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If you are looking for a ride to the farm on Saturday, September 11th or are looking for a passenger or two with whom to split your costs, please post your requests in the comments area below.

We’re not doing any matchmaking here, if you see a posting follow up directly if possible.  This is open to all Stoneledge CSA members!