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Dear CSA Member,

We had a wonderful farm work visit.  Members from many of the different CSA locations were able to come to the farm and work for the day.  We harvested garlic and weeded the fall Leeks.  It was great having so many extra hands to help with the work.  We even were able to enjoy the creek at the end of the day.  Thank you to all of the members that traveled to the farm.  It is a real pleasure for us to get to work along side the CSA members, have lunch together and spend time getting to know each other.  If you were not able to come to the farm, we will be having another work visit in August.  Our Farm Visit festival is in September and that is a day just for fun, no work involved.

One of our CSA members, Dick Sandhaus, has a web site called www.BetterCheaperSlower.com. It’s about better, cheaper ways to eat, exercise and relax – how to save your time, your money and your planet. He posts “A New Way Every Day”, and every week he writes and makes videos about what he’s doing with his farm share. He made a beautiful looking beet-and-leek salad recently; today, he made a peach pizza for brunch with his fruit share. He’s also did a nice video interview with Pete and I; there’s a link to it on his home page. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Summer is in full swing and this week there are many of the vegetables of summer.  A real summer, hot and humid.  The plants love the heat and the sunshine.  So happy to be able to harvest a bountiful summer share.

Enjoy the summertime and the vegetables.  Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm.

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