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Dear CSA Member,

Happy Fourth of July.  The sunshine and heat have really made it feel like summer has arrived.  We are slowly moving toward the vegetables that like heat and some of the greens that have filled your bag for the last weeks are now gone.  It is all part of eating with the seasons.

Our farm has been in a pocket of weather that has been hot and dry for weeks now. There have been rain storms all around us, but we have remained dry.   We are moving the irrigation pipes and watering every day.  This is a situation that we would much rather have than the incessant rain of last year.  Tomatoes, Potatoes, Peppers and Eggplant all have drip irrigation so their sensitive leaves do not get wet.  We shout words of encouragement to the tomatoes every time we pass!

This week will be the first of the Rat Tail Radishes.  Not a root crop like the Cherriete Radishes, but a seed pod that is plucked from the plant. You can use them fresh chopped up cold in a vinaigrette or added to a stir fry.  You will be receiving the entire top of the plant.  Pluck the long thin pods from the stalk, they are the edible Rat Tail Radish.  They are a long skinny rat tail looking pod with a delicious radish flavor.

There are also 2 heads of Escarole.  Cooked Escarole with Garlic and White Beans are a favorite, but there are many ways to use Escarole.  If you log onto any of the popular online recipe sites such as Cooks.com and type in “Escarole” you will find many recipes for using Escarole fresh or cooked.

This is the first Fruit Share delivery.  Please only take the fruit if you have reserved and paid for the optional Fruit Share.

Enjoy the sunshine and the vegetables.
Deborah, for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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