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I’m glad to hear that the cucumbers were well received.  I was wondering if their look would keep them last in the crate at the CSA distribution.  The Boothby and also the Poona cucumbers are both heirloom varieties.  Boothby seem to have their act together  much more than the Poona. Most of the Boothbys will grow small, oval and blonde.  The Poona just grow in what ever fashion each plant seems to feel like.   Both varieties are perfect examples of what is so great about CSA and as a farmer, growing for CSA members.  We are able to grow varieties of vegetables that may not fit the norm as far as looks, but far exceed in taste.

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The last couple of weeks we’ve had pickup on the 74th Street side.  If serious rain is expected we set up inside the vestibule of the church but since it only threatened to rain we thought we’d set up on the street and run inside only if we had to.

So what’s everyone’s opinion?  Any preferences which side to use on a regular basis?  Please post your comments and let me know.

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Dear CSA Member,

Summer time.  Isn’t it wonderful?  Hot, sunny and humid.  I never thought that the dog days of summer would feel so good.  Last summer we were just miserable, frustrated and tired.  The endless rain and cold weather seemed like it brought such dreary days not to mention the mud mosquitos and blight.  This summer has been very different and we are so very happy to be able to fill your shares with Tomatoes, Summer Squash and Cucumbers.  Tomatoes are just starting and we are still anxiously watching them ripen.  The Cherry Tomatoes are always first.  The three varieties are so beautiful in the baskets: Red Washington Cherry (larger, red), Gold Nugget (oval, yellow) and our long time favorite, Sun Gold Cherry (small, round, golden).

Hope you are enjoying the Summer Squash and Cucumbers as well.  They are producing  at their peak right now.  Please don’t be reluctant to take some of the larger Summer Squash.  The Romanesco (thick, green squash with defined ridges) and Sunburst Patty Pan (flattened bright yellow discs with star shape edges) are delicious and beautiful if sliced cross wise, brushed with olive oil and grilled.  Their ridges make an interesting shape and the larger squash hold up well to grilling.  The larger Zucchini are the best to grate and use in Zucchini Bread or Zucchini Cake.  Summer Squash is also handy if it is grated, frozen in zip lock bags and then used later on in the fall or winter.  Most recipes call for 2 cups so if you measure it out before freezing, all you will need to do is defrost and use in the recipe.

Enjoy the Vegetables,
Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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Vegetable Share (Full Share Quantities)
Summer Squash – 2 pounds
Boothby Blonde/Poona Kherna Cucumbers – 1 pound
You may see some larger cucumbers, some brownish or rust colored cucumbers and even some greenish cucumbers mixed in with the light blonde Boothby Cucumbers.  We tried a new variety of heirloom cucumbers this year, Poona Kherna.  No sure if we will grow them again.  They are an heirloom variety that grow very uncontrolled in so many different shapes and colors.  They are pictured in the seed catalog as a rust brown cucumber which should have been a hint right there, but I thought we would give them a try.  They still taste good-just very unpredictable and the brown ones are not very appealing.

Slicing Cucumbers – 1 each
Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage – 1 each
Scallions – 1 bunch
Lettuce – 1 head - this is quite small, but all that will grow in the heat.  Lettuce does not produce well in hot weather.
Dill – 1 bunch
Peppers – 3 each
Tomatoes – 1 pound
Cherry Tomatoes – 1 basket

Fruit Share
1 basket Shiro Plums
1 bag Yellow Peaches & White Nectarines.

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This week’s newsletter includes a recipe for Greek salad pita wrap.

Carnegie Hill Newsletter – Week 7