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Dear CSA Member,

Pete and I have been full time farmers for about 20 years now.  When we started our kids were so young and we really didn’t have much.  We rented land, borrowed machinery, worked and worked and as each year passed, we were able to move further towards owning a farm of our own.  About 10 years ago we were able to purchase farm land with two barns.  Over the years we have purchased machinery, equipment and greenhouses.  The land that we were able to purchase was a smaller acreage than we really needed but we were so happy to have ownership.

Over the last 4 years the CSA has been growing and we have felt the urgent need to be able to expand our land base and have ownership of the land.  Our son now works on the farm full time along with two other young farmers, Jen and Arliss. We have the help and the energy, the knowledge and ability but we needed more land to farm.  Finally after years of negotiation, sleepless nights and persistence, Pete and I closed on the farm that borders our current farm.  We now own an additional 100 acres of beautiful agricultural soils that have been beckoning to us for years.  It also has two barns, a house and three cats.  We are grateful to the Suttmeier family for allowing us to purchase their farm that has been in their family for 5 generations.

We can’t wait for the Farm Visit this year to be able to show everyone around.  I am also working on a schedule for farm work visits and will try to get that on the calendar next week.  You can check out the dates for work visits and also the Farm Visit on the farm website under the Calendar and also the Upcoming Events links.

So, thanks to everyone that has been with us over these last 15 years, thanks to new members, thanks to organizations, churches, community centers that have opened your doors to the CSA members for distribution.  Your membership in the CSA has an immediate benefit in the bag of organic, fresh vegetables that we grow for you each week.  It also has a long term and much longer lasting benefit of allowing our family to farm.

Enjoy the Vegetables – Deb for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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