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Dear CSA Member,

We are nearly at the end of the 2009 CSA season.  Next week will be our last delivery for the season.  It is cold and windy as we work to gather every last vegetable from the fields.

Members always ask what we do all winter. Things do slow down and we have more flexibility in our time but the farm work really does not end.   We have trellis’ to take down, green houses that need repair, machinery that needs maintenance, a roof that needs to be replaced…the list goes on and on.  The seed catalogs are arriving and all of our orders for seed and fertilizer need to be placed during December. By February we will be getting the greenhouses ready to start transplants again.  The vegetable and fruit schools for farmers are held during the cold months and we also try to attend at least one educational meeting during the winter.   We do take a break and Pete and I are getting better at really taking a vacation.  The farm and the work at the farm move with the seasons just like the CSA harvest.

For members with a Coffee Share, this will be the last delivery.  If you would like to order extra bags of coffee to hold you over during the winter, you can fill in the form at the farm website and send it to the farm.  Please, also send me an e-mail with your order so I can make sure it is delivered with the last vegetables and fruit shares.  As far as the Maple and Honey, there are no more 5 pound jars of Honey and no more Grade B Maple.  Next spring!  If you would like to still order maple and honey, please send an e-mail as well with your order.

Enjoy the Vegetables -Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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