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Of special interest is the discussion of protected bike lanes on the Upper East Side.   The full city council is looking at redesign for 1st Ave transportation including rapid bus service and 2-way protected bike lanes.  The city has been making admirable strides in recent years to encourage safe and responsible biking.

My personal opinion is that a tremendous amount of public land, meaning the streets, have been given over to a small minority of residents and non-residents creating noise, pollution and safety issues.  We are dependent on cars and trucks for moving goods and labor and ourselves in and out of town, but the balance seems off when you see the number of vehicles on the road with only a driver and no passengers.

Whatever your opinion of the issues, make your voice heard by your elected and appointed officials.  If you cannot make the meeting, send an email to info@cb8m.com.

Full Board Meeting
Date: October 21, 2009
Begins: 06:30 PM
Ends: 10:00 PM

Type: Full Board Meeting
Location: Ramaz School, 125 East 85th Street, Auditorium
Ramaz School 125 East 85th Street, Auditorium
1. Public Session – Those who wish to speak during the Public Session must register to do so by 6:45 pm

2. Adoption of the Agenda

3. Adoption of the Minutes

4. Manhattan Borough President’s Report – Dan Benjoya

5. Elected Official’s Reports

6. Chair’s Report – Jackie Ludorf

7. District Manager’s Report-Latha Thompson

8. Selection of Nominating Committee

9. Committee Reports and Action Items:
• Transportation Committee-Jonathan Horn and Charles Warren, Co-Chairs
• Budget Committee-Roy Carlin and Barbara Chocky, Co-Chairs
• Landmarks Committee-David Liston and Jane Parshall, Co-Chairs

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