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The Lower East Side Ecology Center along with the Carnegie Hill CSA and the Church of Heavenly Rest are having another Electronics Recycling event.

Date: Tuesday November 10
Time: 4:00 – 7:00 PM
Place: Church of Heavenly Rest, 5th Ave at 90th Street

Accepted items include Computers, computer peripherals, monitors, TVs, VCRs, printers, stereo & stereo components, personal audio/video players, cell phones & PDAs, telephones, answering machines and more.  Visit the Lower East Side Ecology Center’s E-waste page for more info.

Note for Yorkville CSA members – A Carnegie Hill member has offered to pickup items on 11/10 from the Yorkville pickup site on 74th Street.

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It’s Time to order your Thanksgiving Turkey!

Please place your special bird order by November 11 – to give us time to coordinate the delivery between our Farms and You.

Stonewood Farm and CSA Pastured Meat and Poultry are offering freshly frozen birds.  They will be delivered on November 24 along with all of our monthly meat, cheese, etc. offerings so you also have the choice of our full range of products for your holiday entertaining.  We are ordering a few extra birds too to try to accommodate those who make plans later on in November.  If you would like to order, you will place a special order on the website for the Thanksgiving birds.  Please place an order for all other products SEPARATE from the turkey order!

Stonewood Farm specializes in premium quality turkeys with superior flavor and juiciness that can only be grown in Vermont.  They grow their turkeys naturally; that is they do not feed antibiotics or growth hormones.  They raise their turkeys for your family without using any preservatives or artificial ingredients.  Just plenty of fresh Vermont air, cool nights, green pastures, good feed and tender loving care on their family farm.  Paul Stone was the Commissioner of Agriculture for the State of Vermont.

Whole turkeys are offered freshly frozen in 10 sizes.  Turkey is priced at $3.95/lb.

·      Whole Turkey between 12 – 13.9 lbs. will be about $47 to $55
·      Whole Turkey between 14 – 15.9 lbs. will be about $55 to $63
·      Whole Turkey between 16 – 17.9 lbs. will be about $63 to $71
·      Whole Turkey between 18 – 19.9 lbs. will be about $71 to $79
·      Whole Turkey between  20 – 21.9 lbs. will be about $79 to $87
·      Whole Turkey between 22 – 23.9 lbs. will be about $87 to $94
·      Whole Turkey between 24 – 25.9 lbs. will be about $94 to $102
·      Whole Turkey between  26 – 27.9 lbs. will be about $102 to $110
·      Whole Turkey between 28 – 29.9 lbs. will be about $110 to $118
·      Whole Turkey between 30 – 45 lbs. will be about $119 to $178

Please enter your separate order for Thanksgiving by fax or email to Nancy Brown at nkdbrown@lewiswaitefarm.com or 518-692-3120 (both a phone and fax. – press start right after dialing to fax!)

Please include Your Name, CSA and Phone # with your choices.

Alan & Nancy Brown

Note for Yorkville CSA – There is no vegetable delivery on 11/24 but there will be a meat/cheese/turkey delivery made to the apartment of a member very close to the church.  The address will be provided to anyone who places an order. – Steven Waxman

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Dear CSA Member,

This time of year the weeks slip by so quickly.  The fall season share is very rewarding for us.  We are pulling out the crops that we carefully harvested, cured or dried and tucked away until fall.  The garlic has been curing by hanging in the eaves of the barn for months, the dry beans have been dried in the greenhouse.  Both will be in your share this week.

The dry beans are picked when they are just dry, spread on screens in the greenhouse until fully dry.  They are packed in bushel baskets and wait until fall.  They come to you in the shell.  Just break open the brittle shell and collect the dry beans.  The beans should be washed and soaked for at least an hour or I just leave them overnight.  To cook, cover with water and cook until tender. Fresh dry beans will not take as long to finish cooking as dry beans from the store. Don’t over cook them or they will be very soft.

Enjoy the vegetables – Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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Vegetable Share (full share quantities)
Garlic – 2 bulbs

Turnips – 1 bunch  They are really good cooked and mashed on their own or mixed with potatoes

Potatoes – 2 pounds

Carrots – 1 pound

Collards – 1 bunch

Parsley – 1 bunch

Dry Beans – 1/2 pound

Fruit Share
1 bag
Stamen Apples
Winesap Apples
Mutsu Apples
Bosc Pears

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Of special interest is the discussion of protected bike lanes on the Upper East Side.   The full city council is looking at redesign for 1st Ave transportation including rapid bus service and 2-way protected bike lanes.  The city has been making admirable strides in recent years to encourage safe and responsible biking.

My personal opinion is that a tremendous amount of public land, meaning the streets, have been given over to a small minority of residents and non-residents creating noise, pollution and safety issues.  We are dependent on cars and trucks for moving goods and labor and ourselves in and out of town, but the balance seems off when you see the number of vehicles on the road with only a driver and no passengers.

Whatever your opinion of the issues, make your voice heard by your elected and appointed officials.  If you cannot make the meeting, send an email to info@cb8m.com.

Full Board Meeting
Date: October 21, 2009
Begins: 06:30 PM
Ends: 10:00 PM

Type: Full Board Meeting
Location: Ramaz School, 125 East 85th Street, Auditorium
Ramaz School 125 East 85th Street, Auditorium
1. Public Session – Those who wish to speak during the Public Session must register to do so by 6:45 pm

2. Adoption of the Agenda

3. Adoption of the Minutes

4. Manhattan Borough President’s Report – Dan Benjoya

5. Elected Official’s Reports

6. Chair’s Report – Jackie Ludorf

7. District Manager’s Report-Latha Thompson

8. Selection of Nominating Committee

9. Committee Reports and Action Items:
• Transportation Committee-Jonathan Horn and Charles Warren, Co-Chairs
• Budget Committee-Roy Carlin and Barbara Chocky, Co-Chairs
• Landmarks Committee-David Liston and Jane Parshall, Co-Chairs