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Full Vegetable Share
Lacinato Kale – 1 bunch – Sometimes called Dinosaur Kale

Potatoes – 2 pounds

Beets – 1 bunch

Carrots – 1 pound

Leeks – 1 bunch

Acorn Squash – 2 – The winter squash is smaller this year and will not hold for long.  Another outcome of the wet weather

Thyme – 1 bunch

Escarole – 1 head

Peppers – 3 – They are getting smaller and next week will probably be the last week for peppers

Fruit Share
we are going to try to pick berries for the fruit share but we will need to see if the weather holds.  I will update the fruit share on Monday.

There will also be a mixed bag of Apples and Pears.

Sandra Saltzman on September 22nd, 2009 at 12:42 pm #

LOVE Chycsa! and all the produce!
However, have to inquire what happened to the pears and apples of early Sept? Had absolutely no taste! I was shocked! Was it the weather? Pears and apples all puply, dry and no flavor at all.BIG disappointment! because you are the BEST!

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