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Dear CSA Member,

It is a balance for me each week writing what is going on with the farm and not feeling like I am putting too much emphasis on the problems that we face.  I have heard from a number of members that they would like to know more about this past wet and cold summer season and how it has impacted the farm and the vegetables we produce.

To say the least, it has been the most difficult year we have ever farmed. The cold and wet weather for June, July and the beginning of August were overwhelming and brought a series of events that we as farmers, could not hope to work through.

The endless cold and rain were the perfect combination to promote and sustain plant diseases.  Some areas of our fields had standing water for weeks on end.  Overall, we estimate that at least 35% of our entire production was lost this year due to the weather conditions.

Summer was an exhausting time for us all.  I can’t begin to explain the amount of mosquitos and mud we have lived with throughout the summer.  We will take all of the experiences from this summer and plan again for next season.  We never know what will be in store.  It could be as dry next season as it was wet this and that is the challenge of farming in the Northeast.

We have now turned the corner and fall is our focus.  So far,  it seems that the crops that we have planted for the fall will be wonderful.  The Potatoes are just beautiful, Collards and Kale are lush, Carrots sweet and interesting, Beets so delicious and even the Celeriac looks to be the largest we have ever grown.

Enjoy the vegetables – Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

I have posted a recent photo of “everyone at Stoneledge Farm” on the farm website.  Missing from the photo are Brenna and Olga, but we did pretty good getting almost everyone together for a photo.

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