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Dear CSA Member,

What a beautiful first harvest of potatoes. Called “Seed Potatoes”, potatoes are planted as pieces of potato with a couple of “eyes” or dormant buds on each piece.  The buds will sprout and develop into independent plants.  The seed potato provides the nourishment from its stored starch supply.

The main stem will appear above the ground.  There is a lot of leaf growth during the first four to five weeks and then the plants flower. The potatoes growing underground develop above the original seed piece and so the  potato plants are hilled with soil to keep the growing potatoes covered during the growing season.

We will have the potato digger hooked to the tractor to show members that come to the farm visit just how we harvest potatoes.  I think it is one of the favorite farm visit activities.

Next week, Saturday September 12 from 11-3 is the farm visit.  If you are coming, please remember to bring your own plate, cup, utensils and also a dish to share.  If you could also have the name of the dish, labeled if it is a vegetarian, meat or dessert  on an index card so we can have a vegetarian table. We will have water to drink, Farmer to Farmer coffee, roasted pork and sweet corn, local fruit.

If you need to get in touch with me, just call my cell phone 518-291-2467.  Last year the road sign was missing at the end of Garcia Lane and so there were members all over South Cairo not being able to find us.  The road sign is now in place.  We are really looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

Enjoy the vegetables,

Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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