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Full Vegetable Share

Edamame – 1 bunch

Chiogga Beets – 1 bunch – These are a rustic looking Italian beet.  The centers are circles of white and red when cut opened.

Italian Eggplant – 1

Lilac Pepper – 1

Diablo Long Green Peppers – 2 – These sound like they should be hot, but they are a sweet pepper

Jalapenos - Take a couple if you would like.  They are hot be careful when you cut them open

Tomatillos – 1 pound

Kale – 1 bunch

Swiss Chard – 1 bunch

Basil – 1 bunch

Red Onions – 1 bunch

Fruit Share
Red Clapp Pears and Peaches in one bag

White, Yellow and Green Donut Peaches – 1 basket – The Green Donuts are ripe-they are green inside and out.  Something really different.

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