We are writing this reminder for our delivery coming up on Tuesday, August 18th. The order deadline is on Thursday, August 13th at midnight.  We are proud of the farm network we have created to provide you some of our regions fresh and family grown products. We hope you enjoy then all and we also hope to expand our offering as time goes by and we get better at our coordination with everyone.

In order to make our website ordering more user friendly we have added a new feature.  Once you have selected a category ex: Beef, Grass-Fed Grass-Finished LWF.  You are now able to use a cut filter feature.  Rather than going through all our cuts you can now type in the name of the cut (these are not case sensitive) and go directly to that cut.  This should
save time and frustration during the order process.

We are now offering Joint Venture Farm Pastured Stewing Chickens.  They were previously pastured laying hens.   They run between 2.3 to 3.1 lbs and are great for soups and making wonderful chicken broth!

Thank you for your support, we love our farm life, as busy as it can be at times!

Please remember to place your orders on time as late orders are a disruption to all of the farms involved.

Nancy Brown

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