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It’s time to provide our children with real food at school. This year, we have an opportunity we cannot pass up. In the fall, Congress will decide whether to update the Child Nutrition Act, which is the law that determines what 30 million children eat at school every day.

By giving schools the resources to serve real food, we can build a strong foundation for our children’s health. We can teach them healthy habits that will last them through life. We can make a down payment on health care reform. We can do all of this–but only if we help our legislators connect the dots.

And we can only do that with your help. That’s why we’re asking people everywhere to:

1. Attend an Eat-In in your community on Labor Day, Sept. 7, 2009. On that day, people across America will come together for public potlucks that send a clear message to legislators: It’s time to provide our children with real food at school.

Right now there are 239 potlucks planned in 49 states! Check out the map on our web site to find one near you (see  If you can’t find one in your community, consider gathering your friends and family together for a potluck, taking a photo and sending it along to us in order to show your support. We need to show legislators that there’s a real movement for change, which means we need people from every corner of the country to help out.  Get creative!

2. Sign the Time for Lunch petition at
Help us get 20,000 signatures by September 7th by telling your friends, family, coworkers, church, groups and everyone else you know to sign it, too.

Post a link to Facebook and share it with blogs, message boards and listservs. Spread the word!
For more information, go to

3. Tell your legislators in Congress that it ’s time to give schools the resources to serve real food.

• The petition and National Eat-In will build momentum, but we’ll only succeed if the people with the
power to make change hear that this issue is a priority in their districts.
• Contact your legislators by writing them a letter, making a phone call and inviting them to your
Eat-In. Our web site can help you do it.
• The Time for Lunch Platform explains the first steps Congress needs to take in order to get real
food into schools.
With your help, 2009 will mark the year this country takes its first step towards satisfying every child’s
right to real food. It’s time for lunch!
For more information, go to

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