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Summer Squash-3 pounds-most has recovered after the last hail storm.  You will still see some marks on the summer squash and cucumbers from the hail hitting the plants.
Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage-1 head
Lettuce-1 head
Scallions-1 bunch
Dill-1 bunch
Boothby Blonde Cucumbers-heirloom, small white-2
Swiss Chard-1 bunch
Eggplant-2-this is an oriental eggplant, but for some reason the shape is very different than what we have produced in the past.  In the past it was a long, thin eggplant.  This year it is much shorter and rounder.  The taste is very good.
Fruit Share-this is the last week for currants.  They are such a super fruit that I try to eat some everyday.  Will miss them when they are gone.
1 basket Red Currants-Stoneledge Farm
1 basket Black Currants
1 basket Sugar Plums-small, sweet, first plums of the season

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