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Dear CSA Member,
Last week a CSA member, Wayne wrote,
I’ve been an environmental consultant since the early 70s and amongst other issues I have been trying to follow the potential threats to agriculture due to climate change.  Lately, I’ve been wondering if this year’s unusually wet and cool weather is a harbinger of things to come….” .
I’m not sure about long term weather conditions and if the cold and wet will be our normal summer weather, but this year it is what we need to work with.
That being said, there is more Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage this week and possibly even next week as well.  It is one vegetable that thrives in the cold and wet and has outperformed even our highest expectations. The cabbage usually will hold in the field and we can pick it every other week but this year it is exploding in size and actually exploding in the field.  We don’t want to waste the cabbage and it is one of the things that is in abundance this year.
More rain this afternoon into tonight and tomorrow. Not sure how the tomatoes are going to fare but we will hope there is some sunshine in August.
Enjoy the Vegetables and Fruit
-Deborah, for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

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