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Don’t forget, the next order deadline is July 16th at midnight, and delivery is on July 21st.  Please remember to place your orders on time as late orders can be a disruption to all of the farms involved.

Please see below for updates from participating farmers.

A note from Chris
It has finally stopped raining for a few days and all should be back to farm
style normal.
During the week before the Fourth of July, Nancy’s sister Bev and her
daughter, Laura, came for a visit to celebrate a family of birthdays and the
holiday weekend.  Laura loves coming here so she can play with the dogs,
cats, donkey, horse and pigs.  Nancy’s sister Judy and her husband Taylor
are here for the summer at their Battenkill River camp. Today Alan & Nancy’s
nephew, Brian, Allie and their daughter, Sadie arrived from their vineyard
farm in Maine for the weekend.  Sadie has grown a lot and it’s wonderful to
see her enthusiastic glee in the garden.

We have 17 calves (at last count) and their mothers bellowing with amazing
gusto when separated from their new babies.

Things have been fairly hectic here lately!  The walk-in freezer in the
north barn is on the fritz and all the meat was moved to our backup freezer
last week making a lot of confusion. Maybe today it will finally be fixed.
Nancy’s computer has also been at the shop and the two of us using the same
computer is okay but somewhat difficult at times. If you write to
nancy@lewiswaitefarm.com it may be why your replies are quite delayed.

A note from Nancy

It is always a wonderful boost when family and friends come to help on the
farm in the spring and summer. There is so much to do that we cannot always
keep up with all of the possibilities. The weeds in the perennial gardens
are always the lowest priority, luckily most of the gardens are mature
enough to keep their own territory somewhat weed free. The red currants are
ripe for the picking, the blueberries are starting to turn blue and our
vegetable garden is finally weed free and fully mulched. Beverly and Judy
both spent busy working days here either weeding or helping with our last
delivery. Stacy from Astoria Arrow also spent a day helping with mulching
and weeding and the daily herd checks. The deliveries are every week now,
one week on Thursday, the next week on Tuesday and the next week on Thursday
again. Between packing for deliveries (which takes days), we are also
getting back new batches of beef, pork, chicken and turkey which are all
stored here. They are all inventoried, weighed, packed in their respective
freezer space and entered into our spreadsheet inventory by Chris where we
track every piece. Never a dull moment! This week was especially fun,
especially with the beef now in the smaller freezer at the Waites farm barn
where we started our operation in 2004! Luckily we have kept this freezer
running for storage of ground beef and all this time! It brings back
memories when we go there to find the cuts we need as the newer north barn
where we work now is so spacious in comparison.

When my niece Laura returns again mid July, her favorite pastime will likely
be with our new orphan calf. We border a dairy farm on our northern edge and
last year a heifer got out and joined our herd for a month. At our monthly
roundup we caught her but she escaped from the barnyard before Eddy could
come and get her. So she spent another month with our herd. Last week Eddy
called to say that she had given birth to an all black bull calf looking
suspiciously like an Angus! So he asked if we would buy him. Since dairy
farms separate their calves from their mothers very soon after birth, the
calf has come to live at the farm in a big stall to make it easy to feed him
his half gallon of milk multiple times per day. Once he can recognize us and
will come to us out in the pasture, we plan to let him out with the herd
where maybe some sympathetic cow will adopt him. We have already seen one
cow letting 2 calves drink from her abundant supply of milk so we are hoping
to try this soon.

Two fun plays coming in the next weekends here are both written by local
residents. Greenwich, the Musical is a story about the town’s history and
local lore as told to a new student in the high school who thinks that
country living might be pretty boring.. Corn, the Musical is a story about a
Salem NY family who debates what to do with the family farm when the estate
is left to the children who now have different careers and ideas. We hope to
find time in between everything else to go to see both of them.

Come on for a visit, there is lots to do in the area in the summer time!

We are happy to announce the addition of Jams and Chutneys from Beth’s Farm
Kitchen.  We are trying ten flavors to begin and hope to add more from the
61 products they produce. The website is www.bethsfarmkitchen.com if you’d
like to see more about their wonderful products. You can always find the
links to the farms on the www.csalewiswaitefarm.com website under the Farms
choice on the top menu/

We have also added more delicious recipes for products from our various
farms and would enjoy hearing about any recipes you have found or how the
one’s we’ve listed tasted.  Any and all input is well received and important
to us.

New Products:
Our new granola product made in Vermont has been very popular. The Vermont
Maple Granola Company is run by 2 women from Manchester Center VT.  Their
Artisan Crafted Granola is sweetened only with pure Vermont maple syrup. It
is handmade in small batches using whole grain oats, a variety of nuts,
seeds, and dried fruits. It is slow baked to create a crisp and light
We are offering 3 flavors:
Wild Blueberry Flax made with Rolled Oats, pure VT Maple Syrup, Canola Oil,
Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Sweetened Dried Maine Blueberries
(blueberries, sugar, sunflower oil), Sliced Almonds, Ground Flaxseed, Sea
Cranberry Nut made with Rolled Oats, pure VT Maple Syrup, Canola Oil,
Sunflower Seeds, Sweetened Dried Maine cranberries (cranberries, sugar,
sunflower oil), Pecans, Sliced Almonds, Sea Salt.
Maple Oat Nut made with Rolled Oats, pure VT Maple Syrup, Canola Oil,
Pecans, Sliced Almonds, Hazelnuts, Sea Salt.

We are introducing a new Pastured Chicken provider in Easton, New York.
Joint Venture Farm is about 3 miles from Lewis Waite Farm and raises hay,
sweet corn, pumpkins, feeder pigs, pastured chickens and fresh eggs. Gary
and MaryAnn are the second generation to live on the farm that once was a
small dairy operation.
Recipes: Recipes can be found on the website adjacent to the suggested
3 Corner Field Farm has Sheep’s Milk Feta, traditional Bulgarian style feta
made from raw sheep’s and cow’s milk aged over 60 days with a salty tangy
dense creamy taste.  Try our recipe for Spicy Baked Feta (Feta Psiti).
Consider Bardwell Farm has a new offering – Equinox, a hard, six month aged
raw goat’s milk cheese, similar to Romano or Asiago.  Try our recipe for
Broccoli Rabe with Equinox Cheese.
West River Creamery has tangy Cambridge with Red Pepper Flakes.  Try our
recipe for Spicy Grilled Cheese Sandwich.
Goats milk products made by Gillis Acres Farm.  Gillis Acres has a marvelous
Bleu de Gaf.  Try our recipe for Bleu de Gaf Cheese Burgers.
All Natural Chicken, Duck from KNK Poultry – Try our recipes for Chris’
Chicken Legs and Thighs and Peking Duck.
Pastured Poultry from Joint Ventures Farm – Try our recipe for Smoked Herb
All Natural Turkey -Try our recipe for Turkey Taco Salad.
Our natural Eggs – Try our recipe for Bacon, Potato and Egg Taco Ole.
3 Corner Field Farm,  Lamb – Try our recipe for Simple Lamb Chops.
Argyllshire Lamb – Try our recipe for Ground Lamb Turkish Rissoles.
Lewis Waite Farm, Beef and Pork – Try our recipes for Marinated Ribeye and
Dijon Grilled Pork Chops.
Mack Brook Farm, Angus Beef – Try our recipe for Spiced Roast Beef and
Harry’s Honey House – Try our recipe for Chili and Honey Lamb Marinade..
Sugar Mill Farm, Maple syrup. -  Try our recipe for Spicy Maple Walnuts.

Our farms are still offering their delicious products:
Bread from Rock Hill Bakehouse, Rock Hill Bakehouse has also announced a
price increase for the breads. Wheat prices are soaring, gas and energy
costs too as we all know and after quite a while without an increase, they
were forced to make changes for all the breads but some of the specialty
breads had a large increase.
Each of these soft, fresh, and harder aged cheeses and yogurts has a unique
flavor which comes from their kind of milk.
Cows milk cheeses made by Consider Bardwell Farm and West River Creamery.
Goats milk products made by Gillis Acres Farm and West River Creamery.
All Natural POULTRY
All Natural Chicken, Duck – whole or parts of chicken, whole duck from KNK
Poultry under the categories, Chicken All Natural KNK, Duck All Natural,
Turkey All Natural KNK. This processor is NY State certified and offers
poultry from farms who feed no antibiotics or growth hormones.
All Natural Turkey items processed with no nitrites include a variety of
turkey sausages – Cajun, Hot Italian, Mild Breakfast and Sweet Italian:
Ground turkey in all dark meat and mixed dark and light turkey; Turkey
breast fresh frozen and smoked.  Stonewood Farm is certified by the State of
Vermont and is found under the Turkey All Natural Stonewood category.
Fresh EGGS
Our natural Eggs are collected by Cornell Farms. The feed for all the birds
is raised at the farm and the birds are free-range.  Currently they have
only large/extra large eggs!
USDA processed Lamb is offered by 3 Corner Field Farm. Their lambs eat a
small amount of grain as a supplement to the grasses and hay and can be
found under the Lamb, Grass-Fed category.
USDA processed Lamb is also offered by Argyllshire Lamb.  This lamb can be
found under the Lamb, Grass-Fed and finished category.  We are happy to add
Barbara’s products as her small herd is growing and her Bed & Breakfast is
open for business too.  BEEF and PORK
USDA processed Beef and Pork are raised by Lewis Waite Farm. The beef is
100% grass and hay fed with trace minerals from kelp and salt. The pigs have
a pasture too but are fed with corn, soybeans, hay and kelp (especially in
winter). These items can be found under the Beef, Grass Fed Grass Finished
and the Pork, All Natural, Pastured. Our farmland is now Certified Organic
by NOFA-NY. To be clear, we have do not have certification for our cattle or
our pigs.
We have all Grass-Fed Angus Beef from Mack Brook Farm to supplement our
offerings and to help this farm get started retailing their own beef. Their
small herd is growing. Their goal is to provide our customers with 100%
grass fed and finished; pasture-based Angus beef (a breed chosen for
suitability to our climate) that is a tastier and healthier alternative to
commercially raised beef, while practicing farming techniques that benefit
the environment. Their cattle DO NOT get antibiotics, growth hormones, or
genetically modified feed. Our cattle DO GET grass and hay from only their
fields, acres of pasture to wander, and lots of TLC. They are not certified
organic but operate using what they consider ‘best practices’ for the
animals and the environment.
Harry’s Honey House has amazing honey products.
Sugar Mill Farm has delicious maple syrup.
We are proud of the farm network we have created to provide you some of our
regions fresh and family grown products. We hope you enjoy then all and we
also hope to expand our offering as time goes by and we get better at our
coordination with everyone.
Don’t forget, the next order deadline is July 16th at midnight, and delivery
is on July 21st.
Please remember to place your orders on time as late orders can be a
disruption to all of the farms involved

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