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We were sorry to cancel the Garlic Harvest for members last weekend.  Saturday afternoon was sunny, but over an inch of rain fell the night before.  By Saturday the ground was saturated and the fields mud.  You could barely walk in the fields and harvesting garlic in those conditions would be unwise and almost impossible.  The garlic needed to be picked when the ground was as dry as possible in the weather conditions we have been working in this summer.  The bulbs and stem going into the bulb get damaged when they are pulled from the ground when there is  mud attached to the bulb.  The crop is damaged and put under conditions that cause it to rot while curing.

We harvested all of the garlic before Friday PM and had it hanging in the barn, high and dry during the torrential downpours that evening.  It has started to cure and looks wonderful.  The garlic hangs in the barn for a couple of months and will be included in the shares this fall.  We were sorry to have to cancel, but could not wait for the weekend.  Deborah, Stoneledge Farm

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