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June and our annual NOFA inspection

The NOFA-NY inspector for our organic certification came today to visit, look around, and check up on our activities and record keeping compliance. Dave was from Brattleboro VT and is actually a full time inspector for 3 different certification groups in NY, VT and MA. He says the number of organic farms is growing and so inspectors are in demand to keep up with the once per year visits to each farm to check on their methods of operation. our farm is quite easy to be organic since we are really just certifying our pastures, hayfields and forests. Once we filled out all the forms for each of our fields we realized just how “safe” we are from close proximity to any conventional farming. We are more surrounded by forest than any other ecology which provides a perfect buffer zone from fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides used conventionally. Being at the top of the hill as we are, even all our water from the mountain does not run through any other area but forest. So after an hour of question and answer describing what we do and filling out the inspection forms we took Dave for a driving tour of the farm and the off farm fields that we hay in our neighborhood. Luckily we have the 4 wheel drive Subaru to go cruising around some of the farm lanes and it was a lot less muddy since the 2.5 inches of rain we had last week. But with the size of the farm it takes about 45 minutes to do a decent job of a tour. Then he was off to the Slack Hollow Farm nearby where they grow vegetables and who’ll probably have a lot more questions to answer.

We are proud of the farm network we have created to provide you some of our regions fresh and family grown products. We hope you enjoy then all and we also hope to expand our offering as time goes by and we get better at our coordination with everyone.

Don’t forget, the next order deadline is June 11th at midnight, and delivery is on June 16th. Please remember to place your orders on time as late orders can be a disruption to all of the farms involved

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