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Dear CSA Member,

Among the top favorite vegetables that members look forward to receiving each year are Garlic Scapes.  They are the long, curly tailed seed head that emerges from the garlic plant early in the season.

The scape will develop seed if left but the seeds are small and take years of planting and re-planting to deliver any sizable garlic bulbs.  The preferred method of propagating garlic is each year to save the best bulbs which are broken apart into individual cloves and planted in October.  Each clove will yield a garlic bulb the next July.  The scapes are removed when they start to curl and the energy that would go into producing seed goes to the garlic bulb.

The scapes have a delicious garlic flavor.  Garlic scape pesto is a member favorite.  Remove the very end of the scape and the rest of the scape can be used. Look to some of the CSA websites that are listed on the farm website under a previous blog for recipe ideas. There are also more photos of the garlic plants in the Photos section of the farm website.

Enjoy the vegetables – Deborah for everyone at Stoneledge Farm

Garlic Scapes

Michelle on June 15th, 2009 at 11:49 pm #

The revamped website looks great! How do members submit recipes? I have been collecting some on my blog: http://www.seasonal-eats.com

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